www.TalktoRegal.com – Win $100 Gift Card Rewards

www.TalktoRegal.com: Regal Entertainment Group is a legendary brand in the United States of America’s film and movie industry. Regal Cinemas was founded in 1989 by Mike Campbell in the Tennessee State of America town of Knoxville.

www.TalktoRegal.com - Win $100 Gift Card Rewards


The company has grown bigger since its inception and hasn’t looked back. The Regal Cinemas currently have over 7000 screens and run in 564 theatres in the United States.

Entering the TalktoRegal Survey:

When you want to join the ‘Talktoregal’ Survey online for the Regal Entertainment Group, you need to bring a purchase receipt with you. That means that if you wish to join the survey through the website, you must save the receipt you got on your most recent visit to the Regal Cinemas. The receipt has imprinted a Survey Invitation Code on it.

TalkToRegal Prize Win $100 Gift Card
Prize Awarded Monthly
Purchase Required? No
Entry Method Online
Void In Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Maine
Entry Limit Unlimited

When you have signed in to https:/www.talktoregal.com/, we will ask you to have this code. Finish it and any other information needed, and join the survey. If you don’t have this web address, try logging in to the alternative website: http:/www.regalsurvey.com/.

React with as much precision as possible to the questions relating to your experience at the Regal Cinemas after joining the survey. Upon submission, the management of the Regal Entertainment Company will automatically give you a monthly sweepstake draw.

You will take this survey in only one language other than English, which is Spanish, and send your answers before midnight of the last month’s date. Your online entry is only valid for a sweepstakes duration of one month, and will not automatically be forwarded to another month if you do not win the prize.

So, to take part in the sweepstake draw online next month, you’ll need to make a fresh purchase and get a new invitation code for the survey and then participate. You can only try the survey once in a single sweepstake period through the online entry method.

Rules & Eligibility Criteria:

Participants must be 13 or older.

Participants must be legal residents of any of America’s 50 states.

The sweepstake draw is null and void for those residing in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Maine, and any other state or U.S. territory or military installation where it is prohibited by statute.

The Regal Entertainment Group ‘s staff, its sponsors, suppliers, marketing and promotion firms, branches, parent corporations, promoters, their immediate families, and household detainees are unable to participate in this survey, resulting in sweepstakes being drawn.

Unless the entrants are juveniles, and they win sweepstakes draw, their parents/guardians will be given the prize.

www.TalktoRegal.com - Win $100 Gift Card Rewards

The sweepstake draw is subject within each state to all federal and local US rules, legislation, and laws.

The winner is responsible for all related federal and local taxes.

There are only two ways of joining sweepstakes in the Regal Entertainment Group: online and by mail.

No purchase is required in the event of admission via mail. When you want to sign in online, however, you will need a purchase receipt with the Survey Invitation Code.

A receipt of a transaction is only valid for one year. This means entering the sweepstakes draw for next month; you will need to make a new transaction and get a new receipt with the invitation code for the survey and join the survey draw.

If you enter the sweepstakes online, you can join only once in 30 days, or sweepstakes.

You can enter the sweepstakes unlimited times when entering via the in-mail form, but to enter multiple times you will need to create separate postcard entries.

  • One postcard in one envelope with sufficient postage and hand-printed details is equal to one entry in the draw.
  • It will be entertained only by hand-drawn postcards. Neither manually reproduced postcards nor hand-printed material will be counted on a sheet of paper.
  • Both entries must enter the Regal Entertainment Group before 11.59 pm on the last day of each month, to be counted as eligible entries in the sweepstakes of that week.
  • Each month, winners are selected via random drawing.
  • Prizes must be claimed within five days of their announcement or alternate winners will be awarded.
  • Winners are informed by email.
  • A winners list can be issued by the customers upon request.

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The Regal Entertainment Group is not responsible for errors/errors on the account of the applicant when entering the details to take part in the draw.

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