Wendy’s Holiday Hours [ Store Hours Open/Closed 2020 ]

Wendy’s holiday hours

Wendy’s Holiday Hours: Wendy is fast food hub which is ranked 3rd in whole united states popular for their hamburgers. Dave Thomas has founded this Wendy restaurant first in Columbia.

Wendy’s holiday hours


Wendy is funded in the year 1969 by Mr. Thomas behind other fast food chain likes MacDonald and burger king. Wendy’s has their logo of cartoon picture of smiling girl which was inspired from Thomas’s daughter.

Wendy restaurant has expanded fast as they are best at their serving hamburgers. About 1000th other stores have opened within just decade in entire US. And currently there are about 6537 no. of locations are developed out of which 330 are company owned and about 6207 no. are franchised located in north America.

Wendy has failed in attempt of breakfast sserving.so after they only concentrate on to serving their signature items includes Square shaped hamburgers, Frosty, Frozen dessert (chocolate flavor and baked potatoes and chilly).

Signature Products

In 1969 Wendy has originated in Ohio and established by Mr. Thomas. Their restaurant’s specialty is square shaped patties of hamburgers.

Square shaped hamburgers are shaped as such as it is dangle on the surface edge of round bun. Wendy has suffered remarkable and tasty product’s to attracting customers and eliminate their hunger.

Some other items offered by Wendy restaurant are as follows:

  1. Hamburgers.
  2. Sea salty fries.
  3. Frosty
  4. Few chickens dish.
  5. Beverages
  6. Baconator
  7. Ciabatta bacon.
  8. Burger made by black bean.
  9. Cheese burger.
  10. Frosty dessert.
  11. Sandwiches
  12. Some frosty shakes.
  13. Soft ice cream mixed with frozen starches.

Wendy’s restaurant is open on these holidays.

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Presidents day.
  3. Valentine’s day.
  4. Tax Day.
  5. Good Friday.
  6. Easter
  7. Mother’s Day.
  8. Independence Day. (4th July)
  9. Labor Day.
  10. Father’s Day.
  11. Thanksgiving Day.
  12. Black Friday.
  13. Christmas eve.
  14. Martin Luthor king (MLK day)
  15. Cinco de mayo.
  16. Labor Day
  17. Ester day
  18. Halloween day
  19. Mardi gras Fat Tuesday.

Wendy’s restaurant is open on holidays which are mentioned as above and they are working with reduced hours on these public days.

Wendy’s restaurant is close on these days

It also closed on some other holidays listed as below:

  1. Ester Sunday.
  2. Christmas day.

Wendy’s consumer contact number

In case customer have issues regarding opening and closing time of Wendy’s restaurant on public holidays they can contact to their customer service department.

There are basically three methods by which you can contact to their customer service department which are:

  1. Phone – customer can directly call on the (888) 624- 8140.
  2. Official site – Customer can visit to their official website and and get further details.
  3. Survey website- if customer have issue regarding survey or restaurants serving then they can visit to their survey official website “talktowendys”.

Wendy’s Holiday Hours

Official hours of Wendy’s restaurant are from 10 am to 1 am. But in case there are many customers or on special occasion Wendy restaurant is open till 2 am.

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For servings different food items and their special square shaped hamburgers to their valuable customers Wendy’s keep their restaurant open until 1 am and on some occasion it will open till 2 am.

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