rbc.com/activate – RBC Credit Card Activation

rbc.com/activate – Congratulations!  For your application has been approved Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).  Well, it is a known fact that they are presently one of the largest lenders in Canada, isn’t it? Ever wondered what is so peculiar about them, when it comes to being their customers? It’s the amazing set of card options they have to offer for their customers.

rbc.com/activate - RBC Credit Card Activation

rbc.com/activate – RBC Credit Card Activation

So you being their customer we are sure that you will be enjoying the merits of your card which will be an aid in easing out your life. But to experience and redeem its benefits the first step is to activate the card that you hold.

Maybe you are attempting to figure out how to activate one. So here we are, this article intends to direct you towards the same. All you have to do is closely go through the article and carefully follow the instructions given down below. Hope you have happy reading!


  • Initially, visit rbc.com/activate the official site.
  • Next, enter the details that are asked on the screen
  • Also, enter an ATM/ Debit card or loan number.
  • If you don’t have the above-mentioned number there is no need to worry, mark a tick on boxes that says I don’t have this number.
  • And then click on the continue button to proceed
  • Login to your account using the username and password that is exclusive to your account.
  • Now you had login Royal Bank of Canada’s card with the official site. Next is about activating the same. This requires certain prerequisites that are listed down below.


  • ATM or Debit/ Credit card number
  • Personal details


Royal Bank of Canada cards offers the following benefits:

  • An array of credit cards is available for its customers
  • The purpose of these cards range from personal cards to student cards and finally business credit cards.
  • Cashbacks
  • Travel rewards
  • Bonus
  • Best deals
  • Extra credit points
  • Discounts
  • Safe and fastest transactions

rbc.com/activate - RBC Credit Card Activation

rbc.com/activate CARD ACTIVATION

The Royal Bank of Canada card activation is possible through multiple means. This includes activation via phone, online, and finally through the mobile app. Now we will go through each of these carefully.

Activating Your RBC Credit Card over the Phone

  • Suppose you don’t have access to an internet connection, in such a scenario you can activate it over the phone.
  • Firstly try contacting the Royal Bank of Canada’s customer care service. This can be done by dialing the toll-free number provided to you.
  • Then you will connect either to an automated system to an account specialist.
  • From there on you will have to provide details that are categorized as personal information and those relating to your card.
  • You may be given the chance to opt for a balance protector which is an account protection service that is totally optional.
  • After closely following the prompted instructions you will be notified of your card activation.

Activate Your Card Online

  • It is the easiest and most convenient way to activate your new card
  • Click on the link to the official website of Royal Bank of Canada i.e is, go to rbc.com/activate.
  • Fill in your credit card information as prompted on-screen.
  • Once completed the above, you need to double-check the information entered.
  • The next step is just to click the “Begin Your Activation” button in order to commence the process.
  • In the step that follows fill the details that are asked for.
  • All this will be a matter of a minute, by now you will be asked to sign up for online banking
  • Supposing that you are an RBC customer and that you have already signed up for the same let us bypass that part to activate your card through the present account.
  • Now sign in to your RBC account
  • Next head to the account summary page
  • There you will find an option to activate your credit card
  • And shortly you will be notified of the activation of your card.

Activate your RBC Credit using Mobile App

To activate using a mobile app please follows the steps given below:

  • The initial step is to be a user of the RBC mobile app
  • Suppose you do not have the same then please go ahead download it from the play store or app store.
  • The next step is to install and register your current account with the app.
  • Then log in and go to the accounts or Credit Card details pages.
  • Select “Activate Now”
  • Then follow the instruction prompted on-screen and there you’re your card activated.


The Royal Bank of Canada, a Canadian multinational financial services company with its headquarters is in Montreal, Canada, Quebec, and Toronto as well as Ontario. The company was initially founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia back n 1864.

Imagine a scenario of setting up a company around one hundred and fifty-five years ago that provided services such as investment, retail banking, private and corporate banking, mortgage loans, wealth management, credit cards, and insurance.

The Royal Bank of Canada varying Cards offers to their customers an alternative option that by far have aided in improving their life. Moreover, the safety, security and fast-paced transactions that come with, has helped RBC to find and retain a space of their own in customers daily life.

Users obtain various benefits like bonuses, credit points, cashback, gifts vouchers, discounts, travel rewards, and even the best deals for being its customers.


Firstly thank you for stopping by and investing your valuable time reading us, Hope you enjoyed till here and we were of help in the smooth activation of your card. Still, if you have some of the other queries coming up we will be answering below the frequently asked questions related to activation.

By now you must have understood that activation of the Royal Bank of Canada’s card is one of the easiest activities in the world. It’s just a matter of few minutes that you invest in to receive a plethora of rewards and benefits. This includes bonuses, credit points, cashback, gifts vouchers, discounts, travel rewards, and much more down the lane.

So if you have a Royal Bank of Canada card lying around either in your office or home, we should warn you of the possibility of someone activating it and using it for their advantage. Therefore, never wait for your head to activate your RBC card.

rbc.com/activate FAQ’s

  • Which are the three ways to activate RBC card?

Answer – By mobile phone app, thorough telephone and finally online activation is also possible.

  • Is there any benefit to using RBC cards?

Answer – Yes there are plenty, a few include:

  • Cashbacks
  • Travel rewards
  • Bonus
  • Best deals
  • Extra credit points
  • Discounts
  • Safe and fastest transactions

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