MyHTSpace Login – Haris Teether Official

MyHTSpace ensures that the employees of Harris Teeter can get access to all the benefits like quality work, life balance, quality health, competitive pay, financial benefits, etc. Online portal employees can create an account online or log in to their existing account.

MyHTSpace Login - Haris Teether Official

MyHTSpace Login – Haris Teether Official

MyHTSpace is Harris Teeter’s online portal for the employees. Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain with 254 stores in seven states in South Atlantic. The headquarters of the company are located in Matthews North Carolina.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter stores sell common products like dairy, milk, frozen food, meat, pharmacy, etc. Different types of bonuses and discounts are available to the people who have a card and they shop using it.

What is MyHTSpace

Harris Teeter takes care of its employees so it offers several benefits. These benefits are provided for the employee’s family. MyHTspace is a webpage for MyHYSpace and the employees can create the company’s profile to provide all the information required to get the payment.

An employee and their family get several kinds of services such as insurance, medical etc. The employee can check the information about their company, contact teammates, receive online information, apply for leave, view work schedule, etc.

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What do you need to login to MyHTSpace?

  • Log in to
  • You must be an employee of Harris Teeter.
  • A sound internet connection to the internet to sign in you’re my HT Space account.
  • Login details using that you signed in to your account.
  • You must have a private device to sign in so that you can save your password on it.

MyHTSpace Login - Haris Teether Official

How to register in MyHTSpace?

Though it is an easy process and employees of Harris Teeter know about the registration on MyHTSpace here I am going to mention quick steps to register.

Visit the home page of MyHTSpace over the top right corner of the page you will see the sign up now option.

  • Click that option and you will be taken to out a new page.
  • You will be diverted to the registration.
  • Fill out the required details to get registered on the MyHTSpace.

Steps to MyHTSpace Login?

The login process is the simplest thing that you can do and by doing it you can easily maintain your account.

  • Visit the link it takes you to the login page of MyHTSpace.
  • You can find the login portal in the center of the homepage.
  • Enter the username and your password that keep you logged into your account so you can easily manage the things over there.

Note: In case you find any issue while login you can call 1-800-432-6111.

MyHTSpace Login - Haris Teether Official

What benefits provided by MYThspace

Mythspace offers a lot of benefits to the employees for many years. The company has a well-established policy guideline for its employees.

  • Mediclaim perquisites

The employees of Myhthspace corporation get free medical facilities. In case of any medical illness, they can visit the doctor and the company has to pay their fee. Even big companies in the USA don’t offer these facilities to their staff.

MyhtSpace allows its employees’ social benefit to all types of categories they belong to and medical facilities available to them.

  • Education to children

It is a great future for your kids, MYHTspace gives educational assistance to the employees for their kids. They provide a kid’s betterment scheme through which the children can get an education from the school they want to go to.

The education is provided by an insurance policy. All the dues of education are paid by the policy.

  • Life Insurance

Getting a life insurance policy is one of the biggest advantages of an employee. The employees of this company can take the benefit in case anything bad to the employee’s life the insurance policy serves as the future of its family. The life insurance policy is available for all employees of MYThspace.

  • Work-life solutions

The company ensures that the work-life of an employee can have a proper plan to schedule the proper elements. These are meant for building a well-designed structure through which an employee can easily improve its quality of life. The company’s reliable solution policy ensures the life of an employee can be easily improved.

  • Others

The employees can check their leave balance, past performance, contact teammates, past employees, online information, etc. through this portal.


That’s all about the registration, login, and benefits of MyHTSpace. I hope that you will get access to all the information regarding the login. Still, if you are struggling you can leave a comment below. We will provide the solution to your query.

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