– Many businesses start small and become huge in just a matter of time. Chipotle Mexican Grill is one such restaurant chain, that was started in Denver, Colorado, and is now one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world. They started by selling burritos initially and they now sell all types of Mexica fast food. - Welcome to Chipotle Survey

The best thing about this chain is that it does not have any franchises. They are 100% company-owned and are still scaling successfully.


  • Customer feedback and online surveys play an important role in the development of an organization. Many small companies, take the feedback on the paper and even hire professionals, who are proficient in asking relevant questions; however, companies that can afford an extra page on their website, have online surveys as well.
  • ChipotleFeedback has the provision of taking the survey without filling out the receipt ID. Many other websites, related to surveys, are stringent to the customers who have already availed of their services; however, that’s not the case with Chipotle.
  • They present valuable offers such as ‘free burritos for a year for the person who takes the feedback.
  • Such websites have two areas where they collect and process feedback. First is the one that is provided by customers and the other one is by to-be customers. Questions are also asked in a way that is logical and is easy for the person to understand.
  • Chipotlefeedback has integrated some limitations to this website in regards to the survey. One person can register one entry in a day. An administrator monitors every customer and makes sure that it does not allow multiple entries by one user.
  • The prize is based on the lucky draw that happens at the end of each month. The best prize involves getting 52 gift cards of $10 each which can be used at any participating Chipotle restaurant.
Survey Rewards$520 Burrito Bucks
Purchase RequiredNO
Entry MethodWebsite online
Entry Limit1 Per Person Per Day
Drawing PeriodMonthly

ChipotleFeedback - Welcome to Chipotle Customer Survey

Some other limitations include

  1. Gifts cannot be converted into cash
  2. The prize cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone else apart from the winner
  3. It takes up to 8 weeks for the prize to be delivered
  4. In case, the prize is lost, the sponsor will not be responsible for a re-issue
  5. The winner needs to respond via e-mail in 3 days of the winner being announced. If they fail to do so, an alternate winner is chosen and the main winner does not get anything.

There are many laws governing such luck draws because, believe it or not, people do take these surveys registering as multiple users and once they win the gift card, they use false practices to convert the same into money.

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Chipotles take proper care, not only in terms of their service and quality but also in terms of customers’ privacy as well as security. They value the feedback given to them which is why they mention on the website for the person taking the survey, to be honest.

Chipotle Requirements

  1. The age of the applicant should be 18 years or above.
  2. This chipotle restaurant survey is only limited to entry per person per day.

 Chipotle menu list

  1. Chipotle serves burrito bowls to its customers.
  2. Also, they are famous for tacos and salad.
  3. Cheese quesadilla, chips, and guacamole is the rime Sigh of chipotle’s menu list.

Terms and conditions of the chipotle survey

  1. Applicant should have a recent purchase receipt from the Chipotle store.
  2. An Applicant must have a computer, laptop, tablet, or PC with an adequate internet connection.
  3. An Applicant can choose English or Spanish language.
  4. An Applicant must be the age of least 18 years or more than that for the survey.
  5. A participant must be a resident of the United States, Canada, Germany, France.
  6. The participant is allowed only to take one survey for every entry.
  7. No purchase is required to enter the survey and win rewards and prizes.
  8. Applicant must not be working with the chipotle chain.

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